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E-CIG.COM reformatted its wholesale deals into more dynamic, revolutionary and comprehensive program to meet the growing needs of its huge clientele across the globe. The new wholesale program is geared towards giving the lowest prices possible to all VIP wholesalers registered on the website.

With us, everyone is a VIP. But to get the most VIP perks that suit your style and needs, the choice is yours!


Buy any items from our online store and collect the minimum payment requirement as determined by preferred class 

  VIP Class     Silver VIP     Gold VIP     Platinum VIP     Diamond VIP  
Discount  3% Off 6% Off  9% Off 12% Off
Amount $500 $1,000 $3,000 $10,000


 Purchases amounting to your desired class within 3 months (except the initial Silver Membership which entails One-Time Purchase only) starting from the date of the new program launch (November 25, 2013) will give you the privilege to enjoy the perks accompanied with your VIP Class membership plus a definite discount rate on all your future purchases weather big or small. 

No need to refer on our old discount matrix where every wholesale order is tantamount to a reduction rate! No need to worry on your discount with single-item or bulk-item buying because you will get an automatic and a definite discount depending on your VIP class membership.

All customers are automatically assigned to a membership class once they meet the minimum payment requirements (see table above). Membership status will be reviewed and renewed every day based on the customer’s trade amount. Within 3 months from the start of first purchase, all customers’ orders are taken into their account and will automatically classify the discount to be given depending on the current class when the new order was placed.


Grab the ultimate advantage and deposit store credits to your account by buying E-CIG VIP Advantage Card. Enjoy the same perks without undergoing the standard membership.

  VIP Class     Silver VIP     Gold VIP     Platinum VIP     Diamond VIP  
Discount  3% Off 6% Off  9% Off 12% Off
Amount $500 $1,000 $3,000 $10,000


SILVER Qualifications for Silver Class: Your accumulated successful payment amounts reach US $500 within one time purchase.


  • 3% Off discount on all items
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • Email Support

GOLD Qualifications for Gold Class: Your accumulated successful payment amounts reach US $1,000 within 90 calendar days.


  • 6% Off discount on all items
  • Dedicated Service Team assigned
  • Email Support

PLATINUMQualifications for Platinum Class: Your accumulated successful payment amounts reach US $3,000 within 90 calendar days.


  • 9% Off discount on all items
  • Dedicated Service Manager assigned
  • Email Support &Response Priority

DIAMONDQualifications for Diamond Class: Your accumulated successful payment amounts reach US $10,000 within 90 calendar days.


  • 12% Off discount on all items
  • Dedicated Account Manager assigned
  • Email Support &Response Priority
***Note: Activation for all VIP membership is within 24-48hours from the date of purchase. 

Why Choose Us?
E-CIG.COM is consistent to be the brand Trusted by partners, Tested by Consumers and Respected by the Industry. As the E-Cigarette E-Commerce is getting into the forefront of business, having millions of people switching in, it becomes the hottest-selling items today. With that, invest only with people who know the business – Invest with us.


Quality Control: E-Cig takes manufacturing safety very seriously, and offers some unprecedented Quality Control procedures including born-on dating and lot number tracking. We use USP ingredients in all e-liquids, and develop all of our Nicotine Bases to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP).

Faster Delivery: All E-Cig orders from www.e-cig.com are manufactured and shipped from our China Branch. Shipments take an average of 11 days in-transit, Which includes going through customs.( Normally, customs take anywhere between 4 to 11 days, depending on country the order is in route to ).For faster delivery time from E-Cig, we suggest customers to get Express shipping available in shipping option in the check out.

Customer Service: E-Cig takes pride in providing our customers with superior customer service. We know that by providing great products along with great service, you’ll want to deal with us again in the future. We are available by phone, email and instant message at any time to better serve you and accommodate your needs.

No Risk of Seizure: With E-Cig e-liquid, there’s no risk of FDA customs seizures, as our products is FDA approved. FDA seizures not only keep you from supplying your customers in a timely manner, but usually become a total financial loss for the shipment.

Easier Communication: Speak with a live person in fluent English about your order questions or concerns. There is no time difference, so you don't have to stay up until 1:00AM to get in touch with your overseas supplier. Call or email us any day at any time with your questions.

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We'd love to tell you more about our wholesale program. Please click the button below to contact us now.Please click the button below to contact us now. Start Selling.

How To Get Started
Getting started with the E-Cig Wholesale VIP Program is easy. Once you have decided, just place your order and our system will do the automatic membership classification for you. An E-Cig dedicated Account/Service Manager/ team member will respond will be assigned to you and will email you updates and progress of your account within 24-48 hours. Placement of orders is quick and easy, and we're sure you will have no regrets about adding the E-Cig brand to your product line.