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E-Cig E-Pipe

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E-Cig E-Pipe

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This new E-Pipe product is developed with the newest atomizer technology with the exact size of the normal smoking pipe. You will be amazed by the amount of smoking vapor when inhaling and the style of the unit itself. With such new e-cig E-Pipe, you will be able to feel and smoke much more like a smoking pipe than any other products. It is the best electronic pipe you can find actually in the world.

eCig E-Pip Package includes:

eCig E-Pip Characteristics:

  • Battery capacity: 950 mAh
  • Full battery can keep for:800-1000 puffs
  • Battery lifespan: 300 times
  • Full charging time: 3.5-4 hours
  • Normal working voltage: 3.3-4.2V
  • Diameter: 41.7 mm
  • Length: 156 mm
  • Cartomizer capacity: 0.8 ml
  • Mouthfuls for each cartridge keep:about 800-1000 puffs
  • Nicotine content of each cartridge equals to traditional cigarette: 60 pcs

Refill the Empty Catridge with E-Liquid

  • Fill the E-Cartomizer with an E-liquid of your choice using a needle bottle or a syringe.
  • Tip: Fill in your Empty cartridge with 80% of E-liquid only to avoid over filling or plugs.

Charge the battery and Use:

  • When you get dark light or no vapor while smoking, you need to charge the battery.
  • Remove the battery from the body of the E-Pipe and put it in the Charger unit of the battery and plug to A/C power.
  • Take Note: Red light indicates that the battery is charging while Green light indicates as full charge.
  • Charge your battery up to 4 hours only
  • Follow this step remove and install battery.


  • This product comes with a manual. Keep it for your reference.
  • Keep it away from high temperature environment when in use or storage.
  • Keep it out from reach of children
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Additional Information

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Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

Just too cool!
I love my new e-pipe! Fun to just kick back at the house and puff away. Lots of thick vapor that gives you a pipe kind of feel. This will be fun trying new flavors, just like real pipe tobaccos. Nice product! If the cartridges weren't as messy, it would get 5 stars!
Review by shaedabluz / (Posted on 4/11/2014)
I have been smoking my e-pipe 601 for about a week, and I find its vapor production to be phenomenal. It is the answer to long-term vapor production without having to re-tool up my e-cigs. I can go for a day or two of fairly heavy vaping. And the quantity of vapor is double or triple. I've smoke a standard tobacco pipe for years, and I frankly like the e-pipe better. The aroma from the French Pipe e-liquid is better than having an aromatic candle burning. More pervasive. I've tried a dozen or so of the fruity flavors, such as peach or spearamint and they work every bit as well---aromas fairly filling the room---much to my wife's pleasure (she says). This concept is very much a winner. Thanks E-cig.
Review by Timetravler / (Posted on 1/13/2014)
Used one month, it is worthy using but too expensive! Review by Honey / (Posted on 11/14/2013)
Ive been using ecigs
Ive been using ecigs for five months now and love that ive quit inltnatsy and easily and friends tell me im a walking advert for them. However after initial trials in shops local to me,im now finding it tricky to find a local shop that sells them. Is it possible for me to become a distributor and sell them myself?As an ex chain smoker-people are listening to me and believe in the product without the hard sell. Thanking you!.
Review by Vanitha / (Posted on 9/28/2013)

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