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Here at E-Cig® and E-Liq® we created and manufactured the first electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) and E-liquid in the world!

Just a brief time ago, a quick search in the dictionary or online revealed no words or expressions like these: E-Cig®, E-Liq®, E-Cigarette, E-Liquid, USB E-Cig®, E-Cartridge, E-Cartomizer, etc, along with their translations in the other languages, such as in German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Hungarian, and Turkish etc. All these words or expressions represent the revolutionary, healthy, alternative electronic smoking products. Today, these words or expressions, as well as their translations in the other languages, are getting more attention, becoming more well-known and widely used on the internet as well as in peoples’ everyday lives.

It is believed these electronic smoking products will greatly change the life of the world in the future. Each of these terms and expressions are increasing in popularity sooner or later, will appear in all dictionaries.

Do you know who created and used first all these words and expressions? The answer is: E-CIG.COM.  E-Cig created and first used these words and expressions in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Hungarian, Turkish etc,. Furthermore, E-Cig.com first introduced electronic cigarette products along with the words and expressions and subsequently, set up the first worldwide B to C and B to B top commercial website for electronic smoking products. E-Cig.com has sold millions of E-Cigs since its inception and is now the world’s largest B to C and B to B commercial website for electronic cigarette products.

E-Cig®, E-Liq®, E-CigaretteTM, E-LiquidTM, USB-eCigTM, E-PackTM, E-CartridgeTM, all trademarks of E-CIG Technology Inc.these eight patents are all owned and obtained by E-CIG.COM.

Since we created and first used the above words and expressions, all other companies now use these terms to describe their electronic cigarette products. Not only did we create these terms, but we also invented and first marketed several new electronic cigarette products.

Beginning in 2003, we were one of the first pioneers in research and development of the electronic cigarette products. From 2004, we were one of the pioneers to manufacture and market worldwide the electronic cigarette products.

Prior to 2005, no E-Liquid products existed in the marketplace and only one fixed taste and density of nicotine for the electronic smoking products were available. The costs of buying and using electronic cigarette products were extremely expensive and therefore, e-cig products were not popular. We were the first to market the E-Liquid products with different density of nicotine and different flavors to save the customer cartridges and have more choices to meet market needs. We now offer 7,000 different E-Liquids with 5 different E-Liquid bases, 7 different nicotine densities and approximately 200 different flavors.  Today, we offer the most complete selections of densities and flavors for E-Liquid and E-Liq products with the most competitive prices.

In 2005, we secured the registration of the top commercial website domain name: E-Cig.com. Not only we are the first to introduce the first electronic cigarette products to the world, but we were also the first to set up a commercial website for thse products.

In 2007, we developed, manufactured and introduced the first USB-supported eCig products. These products are used without the battery and charger and as with our other products, have the most complete selections and competitive prices.

In 2008, we developed, manufactured and introduced the 2-Pieces E-Cig products, which has the E-Cartridge combined the Atomizer representing the new advanced atomizing technology, with the most complete selections and the most competitive prices.

In 2009, we developed, manufactured and introduced the first world’s smallest electronic cigarette, which is exactly the same size as the traditional cigarettes, with the most complete selections and the best quality.

In 2012, we have set up manufacturing and warehouse center in California, US to manufacture E-Liquid with US FDA approved materials to ensure the maximum safety and serve our customers better.

In 2013, launched the E-Cig Sister Company's Company, E-Liq.com, marketing their US clientele Over thousands of variation of US made flavors are made at their US Company and shipped out.

In 2014, E-Cig launched the world first e-liquid and e-cigarette vending machines.

We will continue to do our best to provide the Best Electronic Cigarette(E-Cig) and  Electronic Liquid (E-Liq) products with continuous innovations giving you the best choices and the lowest-priced products of the world.