E-Cig 650MAH Battery for EGOs,CE4,CE5


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It fits for any EGO series electronic cigarette,for example E-Cigarette EGO-T, E-Cigarette EGO-W, E-Cigarette EGO-C,E-Cigarette CE4, E-Cigarette CE5 model. As a necessary partner for your electronic cigarette and a good replacement for the original one,It's rechargeable Li-ion battery for long time use,you can select different Color for your electronic cigarette.

EGO Series Battery Characteristics:

  • Battery capacity: 650 mAh
  • Full Battery capacity: about 650 puffs
  • Battery lifespan: 650 times
  • Full charging time: 2-3 hours
  • Normal working voltage: 3.3-4.2V
  • Diameter: 13 mm
  • Length: 72 mm
  • High capacity, high magnification and high stability dedicated lithium battery

Customer Reviews

HONEST REVIEW E-Cig 650MAH Battery for EGOs,CE4,CE5 Review by Anthony
I recently purchased the V2 Traveler Kit and overall I am very happy with it. Starting with the batteries, if you smoke between 1/2 pack to a pack a day, you will definitely need to have 2 standard length batteries to get you through the day.
Almost perfect! E-Cig 650MAH Battery for EGOs,CE4,CE5 Review by Airon Smestad
I absolutely love this thing... It's like the Ipod for smokers!...it is so perfect.
650MAH Battery E-Cig 650MAH Battery for EGOs,CE4,CE5 Review by Sunny Dy
I know how us close/ open this your battery after reading your descripition of it. Cool items. I will be a repeat and loyal customer of yours and will recommend you to the people around me! Thank you. Great customer service and logistics!
Sturdy, sleek design & solid. 1300 mah E-Cig 650MAH Battery for EGOs,CE4,CE5 Review by Artizahn
Sturdy batteries. If you like the feel of some weight in your hands, then this is for you. I got 2 batteries with my EGO-C5 kit. In black. Both at 1300 mah. One still works, very well. The other one works but it gets hot rather quickly. Only because the button gets stuck. Otherwise the product works great! Recently, I got another 2 1300 mah batteries in stainless steel. They are actually all plated well. Very sleek in design. I love them! Just remember to charge them when you get the batteries brand new, a one time 8 hour charge. It should only take 2-3 hours to charge them any time..afterwards.
1300b MAH black were Perfectly E-Cig 650MAH Battery for EGOs,CE4,CE5 Review by robert
I received 4 out of 4 that were Perfectly and would take a charge from 4-5 days one...I think the Chinese ever heard of quality control.
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