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Make the selections, mix them, and get your customized E-Liquid,
with the thousands of combinations and choices.
We will make the fresh E-Liquid specially for you with the best price of the world!

You can select Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Best Mix I or Best Mix II as your E-Liquid base. All our E-Liquid are made with FDA approved, pharmaceutical grade of materials to ensure your maximum safety. You may have a sensitivity to PG, so that VG give you some healthier alternatives.

The Electronic Cigarette Liquid has 7 different density of nicotine:
- Non nicotine: 0 mg nicotine, which is equivalent to No Nicotine.
- Low density: 6 mg nicotine, which is equivalent to Ultra Light Strength Cigarettes.
- Medium density: 12 mg nicotine,which is equivalent to Medium Strength Cigarettes.
- High density: 18 mg nicotine, which is equivalent to Regular Strength Cigarettes.
- XHigh density: 24 mg nicotine, which is equivalent to Strong Cigarettes.
- XXHigh density: 36 mg nicotine, which is equivalent to Very Strong Cigarettes.
- XXXHigh density: 48 mg nicotine, which is equivalent to Super Strong Cigarettes.

You can refill the E-Liquid with all the kinds of cartridges and cartomizers according to the instruction at How to Refill E-Liquid. You can use these products to refill ALL THE TYPES OF ELECTRONIC COGARETTES.


This is a list of commonly used substances in E-Liquid. Depending on the recipe, not all of them are used: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine, Glycerol, Tobacco essence, Organic acid, Anti-oxidation agent, Butyl valerate, Isopentyl hexonate, Lauryl laurate, Benzyl benzoate, Methyl octynicate, Ethyl heptylate, Hexyl hexanoate, Geranyl butyrate, Menthol, Citric acid, Water and Alcohol.


You need to keep the E-Liquid in a dark and cool place. The normal shelf life of E-Liquid is 6 months. After long time if you do not use the E-Liquid and you taste the E-Liquid with the different taste as the beginning, we suggest you do not use the e-liquid any more. Shake well before using.


Customer Reviews

!!! E-Liquid 60ml Review by Nydia
Thank you for your gift sample, e-cig guy, I highly recommend the marlboro, cigar!!!!
great E-Liquid 60ml Review by May
I like the grape, it smell like the real one, its great!
lung irritation E-Liquid 60ml Review by stout7735
If you vaporize 24/7 like I do, some of the flavor/scent ingredients can irritate your lungs....However, not nearly as badly as smoking tobacco cigaettes 24/7....LOL
EXCELLENT VAPOUR E-Liquid 60ml Review by derek
I was a heavy smoker rolling my own so I tried the golden Virginia which I smoked and its great you get a good hit from it and lasts ages saves you money I pay for DHL delivery living in the UK but even that is still cheap,you wont regret buying it
Excellent Product E-Liquid 60ml Review by derek
I have tried many liquids in the UK, But this is by far the best and even with shipping cost its still cheaper, I use the xxx strength find this suits me best if your thinking of trying it you won't be disappointed
Alice E-Liquid 60ml Review by Great taste
Great taste and a great flavor for the all day type vaping. add the extra flavor makes it that much better!!
Jeff E-Liquid 60ml Review by Smooth flavor
They gave me this flavor as a free sample. And it has such a unique flavor when you inhale you get a nice strawberry flavor. When you exhale you get the smooth flavor on the coconut. Will tell all my friends about this flavor. For sure worth trying : )
Elaine E-Liquid 60ml Review by Highly recommend
This is such a nice flavor to have early in the morning. Highly recommend. I like the grape, Marlboro, Dunhill.
More discount! E-Liquid 60ml Review by Stefan
All the flavors I got were super, I have purchased more from this company. We will for sure get others with the 10% off promotion discount.
all nice for me, thank you! E-Liquid 60ml Review by Smorete
This kit is nothing short of FANTASTIC! I got great vapor from the atomizer in it and the battery pack is so handy, especially for the travelling person!
My E-liquid E-Liquid 60ml Review by Rachel
This is a great start if you are new to tobacco flavors. It has a more authentic smoke-like taste than a lot of the ones I've tried, but doesn't go so far as to be unpleasant. It's hard to replicate real tobacco smoke but this comes as close as any liquids.
Expensive E-Liquid 60ml Review by Ashley
That is not my first time to purchase your products. I like them very much and I want to purchase your products to help me quit smoking. But the price is a higher than other brands, especially the tobacco flavor. Hope you would have more discount in the future.
Pear Flavor 50/50 with 18 mg nicotine E-Liquid 60ml Review by leslymill
this is a great flavor..My favorite non- tobacco flavor yet
Excellent Quality E-Liquid 60ml Review by Gary
The E-Liquid is not only a great buy but it has allowed me to quit smoking which has improved my health. I recommend this product to anyone that has had trouble quitting smoking because it will definitely help you do just that. This amount of liquid lasts me about 2-3 months and I was smoking as much as 3 packs of cigarettes a day before I quit smoking and went to the Ego e-cig. It has saved me a tremendous amount of money as well. You can't go wrong with this product.
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